Responsible gaming

Focus on responsible gaming is very important to reduce the impact of problem gambling.

Responsible gaming

Throughout the world there is pressure on the gaming industry to develop responsible gambling programs. Focus on responsible gaming is very important to reduce the impact of problem gambling for individuals and the society. NMi and G4 have joined forces in the area of responsible gaming. By certifying responsible gaming, we provide the ability for responsible companies to present themselves accordingly.

The G4 standards go beyond existing regulatory, so this certificate will provide value in all European countries and beyond. In collaboration with our partners we provide a full G4 certification program to show your responsible gaming policy. G4 has years of experience in responsible gaming, including the drafting of regulations, training programs and setting up helplines.

As a game developer you want that many people enjoy your games. You would also like them to return as a customer, as long as there isn’t a problem with their gambling behavior. By certifying your policy on responsible gaming, you show both your players and your operators to follow an active policy to prevent gambling addiction. NMi certifies, among other things, with the G4 Global Gaming Guidance Group.

Code of conduct for responsible gaming

Besides the standard requirements imposed by the authorities, it is possible to certify the code of conduct for responsible gaming. This certification may include the following items:

  • Training for employees: recognition of problem gambling and protecting against the further development of gambling problems.
  • Providing information on the risks of gambling.
  • Technical requirements: RNG random number generators.

In consultation with your organization, we can define the requirements for responsible gaming. As an independent test institute, NMi can carry out audits against these requirements. The equipment or software is tested on-site by inspection audits, tests, or a combination of both. You will receive a test report when your machine or software meets the requirements. You will receive a certificate as proof for meeting these requirements. The responsible gaming tests can be combined with standard test procedures, saving both time and costs.

In cooperation with G4

The goal of NMi and G4 (Global Gaming Guidance Group) is to minimize the impact of problem gambling by promoting a worldwide accreditation program for the gaming industry. G4 is the brainchild of a group of international experts with years of experience in the global gaming industry. They have experience in creating responsible gaming programs, devising and delivering training programs for employees, leading guides in different countries and providing advice to troubled players. More information can be found on their website