Testing and certification of iGaming

Accreditation for all major regulated markets.

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Regulations in the world of online gambling change rapidly. Each year there are country’s that open with their own composed legislation. We can offer quick market access because we follow new interesting markets and market developments very closely. This way we remain at the forefront of market access. With our extensive knowledge and experience of game mathematics, software engineering and network security our team of software engineers develop smart test plans that save time and costs.

Each regulated market has its own rules, where technical demands and requirements in the area of network security, audits and assessments for change management are described. To obtain an authorization, you must prove that your product meets the right requirements. The correct interpretation of laws is a challenge by itself. This is daily fare for specialists at NMi. We are familiar with all the highly regulated markets and we can perform all the tests to prove that your products meets the right requirements.

Testing includes, in any case, platform and content testing. Depending on the type of game (slot machines, poker, roulette, etc.) and the applicable requirements additional tests are included in the test plan. Below is an overview of the specific services we provide. We will inform you about the tests that are necessary for the market where you want to introduce your product.


 Content testing

 Game updates

 Safety issues


 Live dealer evaluation

 Sports book


 Periodic evaluation of payouts