Design and development support

Streamline your product development through an understanding of requirements and standards: from drawing board to commissioning

<p>Design and development support</p>

Independent view of your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Insight into new developments in legislation and standards

NMi is an active participant in important national and international standards organisations such as IEC, EN, CENELEC, WELMEC and OIML and is therefore the first to know about new developments.

Knowledge and experience with respect to applicable requirements and the interpretation of standards.

For many years NMi has been market leader in the certification of utility meters and is thus an authority in the applicable requirements and standards.

NMi provides support in different phases of product development, helping you avoid expensive and time-consuming modifications later on.

Design and standards

You can take into account the requirements relating to your meter during the very earliest stages of product development. This enables you to reduce development costs as well as the time between design and final product according to the requirements. The result is fewer failures and therefore less retesting during certification.

Correctly interpreting standards and legislation is a challenge in itself. However, this is routine for NMi’s specialists. NMi is represented in various national and international committees, so we know exactly what future developments can be expected. We can tell you now what changes in requirements or standards will take place during the coming year. As an independent party, NMi performs a design review to predict whether certification will be successful. Such knowledge and experience can then be incorporated in your design specifications.


A pre-test can be performed during the development of a prototype. Potential obstacles or test failures in the later certification process can then be predicted at a stage when modifications are still relatively straightforward. It is then easy for our team of engineers to conduct type examination and certification. More information about testing and certification is available here.

Manufacturer verification

In order to speed up the commissioning and supply of your product, you can conduct the first verification of the measuring equipment yourself (in accordance with MID Module D for Europe). NMi also performs acceptance tests on behalf of purchasers of meters by carrying out testing on production samples.

In the interests of accelerating the commissioning and supply of your product, it is possible to conduct the first (in accordance with MID Module D for Europe). NMi can also conduct acceptance tests on behalf of purchasers of meters by carrying out testing on production samples.

Marcel Cloo

Marcel Cloo

Senior Approvals Expert Energy, Netherlands

Senior approvals expert in the field of kWh meters. Supervision of project deadlines.

Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt

Team Leader Oil & Gas, Worldwide

7 years of working in the approval of liquid measuring systems or parts of measuring systems, specialized in Ultrasonic and Coriolis meters. Member of FHI, OIML R81, R117 and R139, WELMEC 10.

Henri Schouten

Henri Schouten

Business Development Manager Utilities, Worldwide

Expert for all utility residential meters (electricity/ gas/ water/ heat). Member/ chairman of multiple IEC, CENELEC, OIML and WELMEC groups. Chairman of the Dutch mirrorgroup NEC13. One of the writers of OIML R137.