10 years MID: extend your certificate in time

On 30 October 2006, almost 10 years ago, the MID (Measuring Instruments Directive – 2004/22/CE) came into force for a wide range of measuring instruments. An MID approval is valid for 10 years. It implies that from 30 October 2016, the first issued MID certificates will expire. For a number of manufacturers this means that they have to come into action and extend their approval if they wish to continue to market their product within Europe.

The MID is a European directive that describes the essential requirements for a wide range of measuring instruments that are placed on the market for commercial purposes. Its goal is to harmonize the legislation for measuring instruments across the EU, to simplify the approval process and to improve customer protection. Before the introduction of MID, national legislation was
applied in each European country. As of 30th October 2006, this is no longer allowed. All measuring instruments mentioned in figure 1, that are introduced to the European market, must comply with the requirements of the MID. Manufacturers need to obtain a conformity assessment according to modules B, D, E, F, D1, F1, G and/or H1 from an accredited notified body.


Type of measuring instrument  Annex
Water meters  MI-001
Gas meters and volume conversion devices  MI-002
Active electrical energy meters  MI-003
Heat meters  MI-004
Measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water  MI-005
Automatic weighing instruments  MI-006
Taximeters  MI-007
Material measures  MI-008
Dimensional measuring instruments  MI-009
Exhaust gas analyzers  MI-010

Figure 1 Measuring instruments that are covered by the MID since 30 October 2006


What to do when your MID certificate expires
After expiration of your MID type-examination certificate, it is possible to extend it for another 10 years. This is not necessary when the concerned product is out of date and no longer produced. But when the product is still in your portfolio, you need to request a renewal from an accredited notified body.

Your renewal request
If NMi receives a request for renewal, we will firstly examine whether the product meets the current legal requirements. In the past 10 years, technology has really taken off. Legislation has followed these developments and was adapted to modern demands and requirements.

Hence several important changes in legislation have taken place, such as the implementation of the new MID (2014/32/EU) as of 20th April 2016. In addition, harmonized standards and normative documents for many measuring instruments have been updated. Also WELMEC Guides have been changed, like the Guide 7.2 for software. These changed requirements vary for each measuring instrument. It completely depends on the type of instrument that you are producing and the period in which it was tested. For some types the requirements have become more stringent. In other cases practically nothing has changed and the original documents are still applicable.

By taking a closer look at your test report, we can determine whether a paper revision is sufficient to meet the requirements or whether additional tests need to be performed before issuing a new MID EC type-examination certificate. Legislation, harmonized standards, normative documents and WELMEC Guides will be taken into account.

More information
Please send an email to nmi@nmi.nl with reference to ’10 years MID’ if you have any questions or if your certificates need to be revised. You can also call +31 78 633 23 08 to learn which steps you need to take to extend the approval for your instrument. Click here for the flyer. Check the date of your MID certificate and make sure that you are future-proof!