NMi Certin invests in new test equipment

As previously announced, NMi Certin decided to invest in extra test equipment for the evaluation of gas meters. A test bench based on sonic nozzles has been installed at NMi in Dordrecht on 13 March 2

27 August 2013

Case study: Worldwide market access with OIML-MAA

The ambition of many weighing instrument manufacturers is to achieve worldwide market access. The OIML-MAA strengthens confidence in national testing and measurement results. Thanks to this arrangemen

26 August 2013

Case study: Traffic law enforcement in Malaysia

In Malaysia, road safety and reducing road casualties are top of the agenda, with enforcement of traffic rules being one of the main priorities. But how do you go about it? SIRIM, Malaysia’s nat

26 August 2013

Case study: Recommendation on alcolocks standards

Since 1 December 2011, convicted drunk drivers may be subject to an alcolock. Correct data storage and fraud prevention are crucial for effective monitoring and verification. NMi has already acquired

26 August 2013

Case study: Pioneering certification for bunkering

Where measuring instruments used for commercial purposes are concerned, there is always a quest for the ideal circumstances. The liquids are preferably clean and contain no air, the pipeline is always

26 August 2013

Case study: EuroLoop: capacity thanks to closed loop system

For many years, capacity for calibrating industrial gas meters was in short supply. Long waiting times resulted due to the dependence of gas consumption in installations using a bypass. In order to se

26 August 2013