Case study: All part of the service: practical application of knowledge and experience

It’s all part of the service we provide. With many years of experience and specialist knowledge, NMi staff can produce a wealth of practical solutions. We were even able to track down the source of

26 September 2013

Case study: Clever test method gives manufacturers advantage

The first incidences of interference in electricity meters were reported at the end of 2010. In some circumstances, meters were found to be sensitive to electromagnetic interference between the freque

25 September 2013

Case study: Efficient approach for Chinese manufacturers

Europe is targeting the Chinese market and China is targeting Europe. NMi has entered into a partnership with Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT) to support our clients in

25 September 2013

Case study: Measurement uncertainties and e-mark for filling system

How can I efficiently adjust my filling system for the composition of meals in a box? This was the problem facing one packager. The packaged meals included several meal components, such as sauce, rice

6 September 2013

Case study: Practical solutions for a lack of space

At one company, a pre-packager was used to fill e-marked pre-packages on six lines. Our client now wanted to replace the current random manual checks with automatic checks. The obvious solution was to

6 September 2013

Partnership agreement NMi-AQSIQ

NMi Certin and China’s top metrology government agency sign special partnership agreement On 8 May 2013 in Shanghai, NMi Certin and China’s top metrology government agency AQSIQ (Administratio

3 September 2013