2017 Fall Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards Meeting

The Committee on Petroleum Measurement (COPM), in the Midstream Segment, is responsible for 180 standards used worldwide for custody transfer operations. Program topics such as Measurement accountability standards for cargos on board tank vessels, Evaporative loss estimation, Fluids measurement, Liquid measurement of flowing hydrocarbon liquids will be addressed. 

Committee on Petroleum  Measurement Standards meeting

The event will be held in Washington DC from 16-20 October. It is an interesting meeting for industry professionals such as Engineers, Loss/Control Specialists, Sales and Marketing Managers, Measurement Specialists, Chemists and Measurement Auditors.

Wim Volmer, Business Development Manager Oil & Gas, will also attend. Do you want to meet with Mr. Volmer to talk about your metrological challenges? He can help you with subjects such as mass/energy balance, loss control, uncertainty analysis, diagnostics, site & system audits, FAT/SAT and metrological life cycle management.

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Wim Volmer

Wim Volmer

Business Development Manager Oil & Gas , Netherlands

Expert on all aspects related to the measurement of liquids and gases and their properties. Member of several OIML and Welmec groups, WIB Field Instruments and the NEN Flow Committee.