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Meet the NMi Weighing team We are proud to introduce you to the complete NMi Weighing team. It consists of men and women who earned credits in their field, combined with recently graduated co-workers.

28 March 2017

NMi part of OIML R139 meeting about Hydrogen dispensers

OIML R139 for Hydrogen dispensers Recently NMi attended the OIML R139 Hydrogen dispensers meeting, held in Japan to kick off the new project. OIML R139 is about Compressed Gaseous Fuel Measuring Syste

20 March 2017

LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID at EFMWS

Marc Schmidt, Team Leader Oil & Gas at NMi, will present on LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID at European Flow Measurement Workshop (EFMWS). Part of the European Research project on LNG deal

13 March 2017

Meet the NMi Oil & Gas team at EFMWS

 Wim Volmer Marc Schmidt Paul van Enckevort Erik van de Graaf The NMi Oil & Gas team participates in European Flow Measurement Workshop (EFMWS); NMi is one of the involved parties through Silver

13 March 2017

Metrological life cycle management at EFMWS

Together with SABIC’s Rene Stoelinga, Wim Volmer, Senior Product Manager Oil & Gas at NMi, will present on the Theory and Practice of Metrological Life Cycle Management at the European Flow Mea

6 March 2017

NMi @ InterWeighing 2017

NMi will once again be present during InterWeighing 2017, which is held from 6 to 8 April 2017. InterWeighing is the largest trade show specializing in weighing industries in the world. NMi is the ind

6 March 2017