Adding True Value

When a measuring instrument is tested or certified by NMi, the users can have faith in the true values.

Adding True Value

True Value describes NMi’s sense of connection and how we wish to instil confidence in our customers. For us, these two words mean: our continuous quest for the real measurement value and the value we add to your business.

True Value: the real measurement values

Our core business is our constant search for the ‘true (measurement) values’. This determines the reliability of measuring instruments on which the two contracting parties must be able to rely. Reliable measurement results, which form the basis for business, have a considerable impact on commercial trade. Before the manufacturer is allowed to sell measuring instruments like petrol pumps, scales and electricity meters or speed cameras, they must be examined and certified by an independent party designated by the government, such as NMi. This measure is aimed at protecting the end user, who must have faith in the legal compliance of the many measuring instruments he comes across every day. After all, anyone who weighs fruit at the supermarket, pays after filling up at the petrol station, tries their luck in the casino, reads amounts on medicine packaging or receives an electricity bill wants to know they are getting value for money. Reliable measurement data are also essential for organisations. A minor measurement inaccuracy may result in a financial loss, for example with the storage and transfer of gas and oil. Measuring instruments must therefore operate correctly under all circumstances.

True Value: our added value

Our aim is to add as much value as possible to our customers’ innovative capacity and facilitate their access to new markets. We achieve this first and foremost by:

  • optimally gearing our approach and lead times to the needs of the customer;
  • completing the certification process as quickly as possible;
  • with respect to new innovative technologies or applications, thinking in terms of ‘what can we do’ rather than ‘what can’t we do’;
  • maintaining the quality level and degree of acceptance of our certificates all over the world, enabling you to immediately enter new markets with your products without conducting new tests.

Due to our customer-orientation, excellent international reputation and efficient processes, we add ‘true value’ to our customers’ success.