Direct European market access

Direct market access to all member states of the European Union, EFTA-countries and Turkey

<strong>Direct</strong> European <strong>market access</strong>

Over 50% of all OIML certificates are issued by NMi

NMi is the unrivalled market leader in internationally accepted OIML certificates for NAWIs and AWIs.

Over 25% of MID certificates worldwide are issued by NMi

NMi also issues 39% of all OIML certificates for gas meters and 38% of all certificates for liquid measuring installations.

30% of the MID utilities certificates are issued by NMi

NMi issues over 30% of all the European certificates for domestic Watt-hour meters and gas meters.

In Europe, the specified requirements for measuring instruments have been harmonised through the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) Directive. This means that the approval certificate provides immediate access to all member states of the European Union, the EFTA countries and Turkey (altogether 33 countries).

The principles underlying European regulations are the same as described in the principles of market access. The diagram below shows the process for the most frequently chosen routes for European market access.


After the type examination (step 1), there are two options for demonstrating conformity (step 2). This may be a verification by a Notified Body (module F) or by the manufacturer under a certified quality system of the production process (module D). This product flyer provides more information about module D. European regulations also include a separate option for special measuring instruments and measuring systems that are only built or produced once (module G). Click here for the MID Directive and here for the NAWI Directive.

More information about access to the European market?

Our account managers will be happy to help you with regard to European regulations. We also provide a training course about the Measuring Instruments Directive and NAWI to provide insight into the procedure, requirements and modules.

Market access outside Europe

NMi also conducts testing for market access outside Europe, for example to verify compliance with international requirements, including OIML recommendations, EN standards and IEC standards. There is more information about the applicable requirements in the specific segments.