About NMi

About NMi

Transactions based on measurements and the results obtained from them are completed every day. People must have confidence in the accuracy of measurements, whether it’s about measuring gas consumption, the price of a taxi ride or industrial applications. As an independent party, NMi’s mission is to reinforce this confidence.


Measuring instruments used for commercial purposes, as in the examples above, are subject to statutory regulations. These guarantee that measurements meet certain requirements and that you can be confident in the results. NMi tests and certifies measuring instruments, helping manufacturers and suppliers to access the world market.

NMi Certin is the independent specialist for testing, certification and training in the field of metrology. Manufacturers and end users can rely on world-wide recognition of NMi Certin measurement reports and certificates. NMi Certin differentiates itself through customer-oriented solutions and innovation.

International market access

NMi is internationally recognised and has an excellent reputation as an independent testing and certification institute in the following fields: oil & gasutilitiesweighing, volume and lengthpre-packaging and e-marks and mobility and traffic law enforcement. NMi supplies its products and services all over the world. It has branches in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany and it collaborates with local organisations in China, Turkey and Japan.

For many years, NMi also has mutual recognition agreements with countries like China, Japan and Australia where its test results are accepted for market access.

Testing for compliance with legislation

Measuring instruments are tested in NMi’s laboratories or, where possible, on site for compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations. NMi also develops test procedures to demonstrate conformity, enabling international market access for manufacturers of measuring instruments.