When you put petrol in your car, are you sure you are getting the number of litres you pay for? Does the number 1 on a roulette wheel really have the same chance as the number 13? The effect of NMi is present, visibly or invisibly, in society and in your life.

Working at NMi

NMi offers plenty of opportunities to newly qualified and experienced professionals, providing a range of interesting career opportunities to recent technical, higher vocational or university graduates.

Field verification engineer –  For me, the best thing about working in NMi’s field organisation is the range of activities involved in my job. No two days are the same – the work, the location and the customers are always different. I use my own car to visit our customers. I really appreciate the freedom of working completely independently.”

Approval expert –  As an approval expert, I’m responsible for providing a client with market access for his product. In my discipline, I therefore deal with the latest technologies. The products – in my case Watt-hour meters – are not yet available ‘on the high street.“I’m an expert in my field for the energy department and I regularly travel abroad to perform audits relating to technical procedures and their implementation. I really enjoy working with different people, companies and cultures. Last year, I visited Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, China and Indonesia. It’s a varied job with new challenges every day.”

Working in an international environment

NMi offers its employees a stimulating and professional international working environment. Our culture is based on self-managing and motivated people with a strong sense of responsibility and a passion for their discipline. Cooperation and customer focus are vital to success.

You participate in our lead project teams. Contacts with customers are a crucial aspect. Besides technical know-how, working independently and social skills when solving customers’ problems are key. Your intercultural competences will also be put to the test in contacts with foreign clients.

Employment conditions

NMi offers an attractive package of employment conditions aimed at finding a good balance between work and private life.