Worldwide reputation

Why us?

The value we add because of our experience, independence en world wide reputation.

We know metrology!

Every day people come in contact with measurements. Whether it is measuring gas consumption, the price of a taxi ride, the amount of water in your bottle or industrial applications. Correctness is the key. We will guide you!

NMi over the years

The origins of NMi are in the early Middle Ages, started to promote fairness in trade and became a private company in 1989, called the Nederlands Meet Institute. Through out these years, we are well known for our knowledge, accreditations, correctness and worldwide acceptance of NMi test reports and certificates. We are independent, progressive and guide our customers thru the world of metrology.

The value of NMi

We want to add real values to the customers’ innovative capacity and help them to access new markets. We achieve this the most by:

  • optimally gearing our approach and lead times to the needs of the customer;
  • completing the certification process as quickly as possible;
  • with respect to new innovative technologies or applications, thinking in terms of ‘what can we do’ rather than ‘what can’t we do’;
  • maintaining the quality level and degree of acceptance of our certificates all over the world, enabling you to immediately enter new markets with your products without conducting new tests.


Due to our customer-orientation, excellent international reputation and efficient processes, we add true value and clear guidance to our customers’ success. To be successful you have to work together!