Advice at design stage speeds up type approval process

As you know, NMi’s aim is to make the type approval process as fast and efficient as possible. When manufacturers contact NMi at the design stage, we can advise their designers and engineers on the legal requirements that apply in the industry. This helps them to adapt their designs accordingly.

Our advice also extends to the software used in measuring instruments. This software is often developed separately to the hardware. However, when testing is done in parallel during the development phase, it can save time later on at the type approval stage.

Quick Return on Investment
Cooperation at the design and development phase also facilitates the completion of subtesting at the earliest possible stage. Manufacturers tend to struggle at times with specific temperature or EMC requirements which in turn can give rise to nonconformities during the type examination process. This can be avoided by ensuring that the design is pretested at an early stage. Designs can thus be modified much faster, which can mean big savings on the overall outlay on type approval tests and retests. More importantly, it can save months with regard to the time frame involved in getting a measuring instrument market certified. For the manufacturer, this means a much faster Return On Investment, not to mention smooth access to the market with full confidence.

It also benefits the resellers because it shortens their time to market and enables them to source their instruments or components faster from (generally) their Asian suppliers or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The parallel type approvals required at that stage can usually be issued by NMi within one week.

Knowledge and training
Pretesting is not the only important thing to remember in the development phase. Understanding the market is also crucial in terms of the regulatory framework or changes therein. This is why NMi organises regular training sessions and seminars in order to give manufacturers the chance to be up to speed on the latest developments. Information on upcoming training sessions will be published on this website and in our newsletters.