NMi accredited for ANPR

NMi accredited for ANPR

NMi accredited for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) standard UNI 10772. Application is open.

UNI 10772 is the Italian standard for video image processing systems for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). This standard has been in use in Italy since 1998. It is applicable to all ANPR identifications systems. The related certification is required by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. NMi is an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory able to perform tests in relation to ANPR and Mobility applications, and will soon also be accredited for UNI 10772.

Applicable to much more than enforcement

UNI 10772 is not only applicable for enforcement purposes, but also for access authorisation to public or private areas. Furthermore, the standard can be applied to toll criteria. The need for verified characteristics therefore has a wider scope.

New edition of UNI 10772

The new edition of UNI 10772 was issued in April 2016 and requires a higher quality of devices, tests to be performed and laboratory equipment and knowledge. The standard describes the operation and features of telematics systems that remotely acquire and/or transmit digital images of vehicles based on the automatic recognition of licence plates. Furthermore, it describes different licence plate categories such as Rear (Format A & B) and Front Plates for motor vehicles, plates for motorcycles and plates for mopeds. Since UNI 10772 is also a unique ANPR standard in Europe, it could be the foundation for other national or international standards in the near future.

Structure of UNI 10772

The standard consists of:

  1. Video Enforcement System (VES)
    – functions
    – requirements
  2. VES subsystems description and requirements
    – Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    – images capture and authentication
    – lighting
    – Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
  3. Laboratory requirements and accreditation
  4. Test requirements and procedure
  5. Test reports

Lab set up, tests and results

The lab is specifically designed for testing the standard and consists of a large room with the possibility to create a lighting indoor condition of 0 lx. Furthermore, it is equipped with a speed simulator that moves the plates at the requested speed and position. The NMi test system is designed to adapt to different characteristics expected from EUT produced by different manufacturers. For information you can contact our Italian Sales & BDI Manager, Alessandra Bendistinto.

Alessandra Bendistinto

Tests to be performed

  • Test at specific illuminance conditions from 0 lx up to 10.000 lx;
  • EUT geometrical configurations;
  • Speed: 26 km/h, 50 km/h, 70 km/h and more at different illuminance conditions;
  • Different plate positioning, indicators and illumination.

The standard includes a mathematical algorithm describing the overall accuracy of the EUT. This algorithm considers and combines the result of each character and each test performed. Based on the results, the EUT is defined into class A, B or C. Class A requires an accuracy of over 98%, class B over 95%, and class C over 90%. If test score accuracy is less than 90% it is not passed.

Certification procedure

A supplier of ANPR systems entering the Italian market is entitled to provide its product for certification. Suppliers can apply to NMi and will in that case receive checklists and test suggestions. After conducting the selected tests, NMi will issue the final outcome in a test report, which the applicant can use to transfer to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The Ministry will than issue the formal UNI 10772 certificate. As an international test and certification institute, NMi will issue the test reports in both the Italian and English language. This covers the use of test results as the added value of ANPR systems in European and international contexts.

For whom?

  1. Manufacturers that request official Italian testing and certification to enter this market;
  2. EU manufacturers, which could request ANPR testing in accordance with UNI 10772 in order to use it as independent verification of their products;
  3. Manufacturers, end users, producers, governments in the Enforcement field in combination with ANPR that can use the Italian tests/NMi accreditation as the basis for extra verification (or i.e. tender specifications) of ANPR specifications in relation to Enforcement services.

Application form with instructions

For more information about ANPR, you can contact us. You can apply for ANPR testing, by filling out the form below. We will contact you for further details.

Application form Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)