Force and Hardness

Calibration under accreditation at your location and metrological advice

Force and Hardness

Innovative solutions for new developments

NMi’s many years of experience and accumulated knowledge are geared to developing test procedures which allow for the accredited calibration of even the most innovative measuring systems.

Accredited calibrations

NMi is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (Raad voor Accreditatie - RvA). All calibrations are accredited, including on location. This guarantees traceability to standards.

Lowest measurement uncertainty, highest capacity

NMi delivers the lowest measurement uncertainty in the Netherlands and the biggest range (up to 40 meganewtons).

A calibration represents a quality guarantee for your measuring instruments. It enables manufacturers of measuring instruments to provide their customers with added value. Measuring systems already in use are regularly re-calibrated as well, in the context of ISO certification or for other reasons. Calibrations can also be conducted in accordance with international standards such as NEN-EN-ISO 376 and NEN-EN-ISO 7500-1.


NMi’s calibration service is second to none because we deliver the lowest measurement uncertainties, fast turnaround and, where necessary, innovative strength. When devising a measuring system, the recalibration (space for conducting calibrations, capacity of the equipment) is not always taken into account in advance. NMi has many years’ experience in conducting force calibrations and expertise in the operation of different types of measuring instruments. This means that in most cases, we will be able to find a solution when conducting accredited calibrations on your system.

NMi conducts accredited calibrations for even the biggest load cells.

On site calibration

Virtually all calibrations are carried out on site by our verification experts, which means your measuring instruments will be back in operation fast. We have three fully equipped mobile calibration units and cover your region too. Meanwhile, if deviations occur in the operation of your system, we often succeed in rectifying the situation promptly. Do you have other measuring instruments that need to be calibrated? If so, NMi can conduct those calibrations at the same time.

Accredited calibration

NMi conducts calibrations under accreditation (RvA number K163), thus guaranteeing traceability to international standards. The same applies to the mobile measuring systems used for conducting on-site calibration.

Automatic reminder

We will send you an automatic reminder when your measuring instruments are due for recalibration. Therefore you can rest assured that your measurements stay within the relevant margins and that you meet the specified requirements for your quality system.

  • Digital and other dynamometers
  • Tension, compression, creep, bending and fatigue testers
  • Impact testing machines
  • Bonding strength and wire stress meters
  • Displacement (speed) of traversing and compression tables
  • Strain meters
  • Hardness meters

Capacity of our calibration facilities

 3 mobile laboratories

 Load cells