Case study: Practical solutions for a lack of space

At one company, a pre-packager was used to fill e-marked pre-packages on six lines. Our client now wanted to replace the current random manual checks with automatic checks. The obvious solution was to install six checkweighers, but the speed of the filling lines would make it impossible for one checkweigher on each line to keep pace. A second problem was the lack of space available for several parallel checkweighers. NMi was requested to find a solution which met the e-mark requirements.

E-mark requirements

Rather than install six or more checkweighers to measure 100% of the pre-packaging, the client opted for one checkweigher which would perform random checks on the different lines. This would fulfil the requirements for using the e-mark within the limited space available.

The checkweigher was randomly ‘stocked’ by conveyor belts from the 6 lines. Smart software identified the lines from the pre-packaging had originated. The measurement results were registered and processed using the existing software package.

Before the client completed the purchase, the checkweigher supplier, the pre-packaging company and NMi met to discuss the configuration of the checkweigher. They also addressed the extent and frequency of the random checks, the calibration of the checkweigher and the software requirements.