Case study: Traffic law enforcement in Malaysia

In Malaysia, road safety and reducing road casualties are top of the agenda, with enforcement of traffic rules being one of the main priorities. But how do you go about it? SIRIM, Malaysia’s national metrological institute, approached NMi for advice about legislation, implementation and measuring instrument approval.

The Netherlands and traffic law enforcement

The Netherlands is an international leader when it comes to enforcing traffic law. It was therefore natural that SIRIM should consider the Dutch model as a basis for drawing up their legislation and requirements for measuring instruments. As an independent test laboratory, NMi is involved in developing legislation and approval requirements for traffic measuring instruments in order to satisfy the legal burden of proof.

Having advised SIRIM about Dutch legislation and its system of traffic law enforcement, NMi was asked to help draft Malaysian legislation and define requirements for its measuring instruments. The plan is to introduce a comprehensive enforcement system in Malaysia. As part of the preparations, a team of SIRIM employees will follow an intensive training programme given by NMi in the metrological aspects of approving traffic measuring instruments. The new system will prove its worth over the next few years.