Case study: Worldwide market access with OIML-MAA

The ambition of many weighing instrument manufacturers is to achieve worldwide market access. The OIML-MAA strengthens confidence in national testing and measurement results. Thanks to this arrangement, many NMi clients have already obtained global market access, including in the United States.

In its National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US (NIST) specifies additional requirements for load cells (OIML R60). After performing the necessary tests, NMi incorporates the results in the manufacturer’s test report. NIST then accepts these test results for market access in the USA. Since its introduction, the OIML-MAA system has already acquired support from many manufacturers besides the NIST.

Mr Jim Truex, NTEP Administrator:

I want to take this opportunity to commend the NMi, you and your staff for the development of the NTEP annex to your reports. It has been very helpful, very well presented and most helpful in my review of the reports of test. The NMi has been very professional in the process.

Market access with OIML-MAA

The OIML mutual acceptance agreement (OIML-MAA) is an agreement between countries about accepting certificates of conformity for international market access. Countries which sign the OIML-MAA agreement accept the test results of other countries. However, they are free to set additional requirements for compliance with their national legislation. At NMi, we are familiar with all these requirements and our certificates are widely accepted. NMi actively promotes greater acceptance of test results and expansion of the OIML-MAA (more types of measuring instruments and more countries signing up) so that it can facilitate rapid market access.