MID Software Requirements training to the USA and China

We are delighted to inform you that in March 2015, based on many requests from our customers, our well apreciated MID Software Requirements training will go on an international tour to the USA and Chi

29 January 2015

Testing gas meters conform EN 16314: additional functionalities

It occurs more and more that traditional mechanical gas meters are equipped with additional functionalities. There are several different possibilities, like electronic displays powered by batteries, p

6 October 2014

NMi appointed as first Issuing Authority for R 137

Good news for manufacturers of gas meters: after a long period of time, the  R 137 document for gas meters is finally completed. In 2012 the R 137-1/-2 document with the requirements and test procedu

6 October 2014

European Utility Week 2014

Like previous years, NMi will exhibit at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam, which will take place from 4 to 6 November 2014. You can find us at booth number 1.D01 with our team of dedicated exper

3 October 2014

The New Legislative Framework: Seminar in Padova

During the first months of 2014, the new MID (2014/32/EU) and NAWI (2014/31/EU) directives have been published. These directives fit perfectly into the wider New Legislative Framework (NLF), a complet

29 September 2014

Quality Assurance in Smart Meter Roll Out

The upcoming roll out of smart meters in Europe is a hot topic nowadays. Numerous congresses and seminars have been organized to discuss relevant aspects such as communication & interoperability,

16 September 2014

ISO 17025 accreditation conform R 46

Recently the ISO 17025 accreditation of NMi was extended with the OIML R 46, which is good news for manufacturers of electricity meters. This means that NMi can not only test electricity meters in acc

10 June 2014

NMi appointed first Issuing Authority for OIML for Electricity Meters

The OIML recently published a new Recommendation in respect of active electrical energy for electricity meters: the OIML R46. NMi has been appointed as the first Issuing Authority for this new directi

6 March 2014

How durable is your electricity meter?

It is a very important question: how durable is a particular measuring instrument? And how stable are the measurement results over a long period of time? With the upcoming massive roll out of smart me

4 March 2014

Interview with Jan Konijnenburg

Rapid technological developments in recent times have led to a huge increase in the importance of software-equipped measuring instruments and systems. ‘’In the past, 80% of the characteristics of

10 February 2014