A system of checks and balances

Wim Volmer, NMi, the Netherlands, outlines an approach to improve leak detection on pipeline grids by more accurately calculating balances. Read the full article here.

11 December 2018

New Anechoic Room in Dutch Metrology Tower

NMi Certin is proud to announce that we almost moved our complete team and labs to the Dutch Metrology Tower in Delft. September will be used to finalize the complete transition. We are very happy to

6 September 2018

New version of guide WELMEC 7.2 published

Recently a new version of guide WELMEC 7.2 has been published (2018 version). This document provides guidance on the use of software in measuring instruments. The changes, in comparison with the previ

4 September 2018

New NMi testing services for prepayment Electricity Meters

Prepayment electricity meters have millions of users around the world and are becoming especially popular in developing countries like Africa. There the energy consumption is growing but the low or mi

4 September 2018

NMi at European Utility Week 2018

European Utility Week 2018 will be held from 6 – 8 November. It is the premier business and innovation exhibition, connecting the smart utility community. EUW allows you to meet with experts

2 August 2018

Double interview with NMi and VSL Managing Directors

Delft University of Technology published an interesting interview with VSL Managing Director Vincent Fokkema and NMi Managing Director Fabienne van Booma about the future combined office of both compa

9 July 2018

Best route to compliance with NMi

From 25-29 June, NMi exhibited at the World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington. Armed with a lot of enthusiasm and the well-known NMi yoyo’s, our team of experts informed visitors and other exhibitor

9 July 2018

NMi will be moving to Delft this summer

NMi will be moving to a new office in Delft this summer. The move is planned in phases between July and October 2018. Some of our teams will move as early as the beginning of July while the others rem

8 June 2018

Mr. Wim Volmers’ lecture on European legal metrology of CNG, Hydrogen and LNG

NMi will give a legal metrology lecture at WGC 2018 in Washington. In Europe most country have Laws in place regulating that measuring equipment used in trade (determination of amount to be paid) or t

5 June 2018

NMi part of World Gas Conference in Washington

NMi will exhibit at WGC 2018 in Washington which will be held from 26 – 29 June. You will find our team of experts consisting of Henri Schouten, Wim Volmer, Erik van de Graaf and Annelies Michel

4 June 2018