Ultrasonic and Coriolis Metering – 2nd European Flow Measurement Workshop

Due to the success of last year’s European Flow Measurement Workshop, VSL and CEESI are pleased to present the Second European Flow Measurement Workshop. The workshop will be held in Lisbon, Portuga

20 March 2014

Quality Assurance for your components

More and more, we see the quality of measuring instruments being determined by the quality of the components from which they are made. This is why the quality and consistency of components is of such

20 March 2014

Latest OIML and Welmec news

Looking to the international OIML platform, several important topics have been discussed lately. After the publication of the Recommendation for Gas Meters (R137) in 2012, a lot of effort was put into

17 March 2014

Interview with Jan Konijnenburg

Rapid technological developments in recent times have led to a huge increase in the importance of software-equipped measuring instruments and systems. ‘’In the past, 80% of the characteristics of

10 February 2014

Case study: Pioneering certification for bunkering

Where measuring instruments used for commercial purposes are concerned, there is always a quest for the ideal circumstances. The liquids are preferably clean and contain no air, the pipeline is always

26 August 2013

Case study: EuroLoop: capacity thanks to closed loop system

For many years, capacity for calibrating industrial gas meters was in short supply. Long waiting times resulted due to the dependence of gas consumption in installations using a bypass. In order to se

26 August 2013