The New Legislative Framework: Seminar in Padova

During the first months of 2014, the new MID (2014/32/EU) and NAWI (2014/31/EU) directives have been published. These directives fit perfectly into the wider New Legislative Framework (NLF), a complet

29 September 2014

NMi conducts Customer Satisfaction Survey

In the past few months, we have been conducting a customer satisfaction survey among our customers in the weighing market. We asked them to complete a questionnaire to give us an idea of their level o

12 May 2014

Advice at design stage speeds up type approval process

As you know, NMi’s aim is to make the type approval process as fast and efficient as possible. When manufacturers contact NMi at the design stage, we can advise their designers and engineers on the

12 May 2014

Software bringing continents together

NMi visits South America At our Welmec 7.2 training sessions, we inform customers that the importance of proper software certification is not only evident in Europe. Large continents outside of Europe

12 May 2014

Testing in accordance with NTEP and OIML

Several new services were highlighted in particular by NMi during the InterWEIGHING 2014 exhibition. One of these was the combined NTEP/OIML test. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in r

12 May 2014

Exciting seminar for the Chinese weighing industry on Weighing in Motion

As happens every year, prior to the InterWEIGHING Exhibition, a seminar is organised to advise Chinese manufacturers on the latest development in the weighing industry. This year, the InterWEIGHING Ex

6 May 2014

Looking back on InterWEIGHING 2014

Many existing and new manufacturers looking to expand their markets were present this year at the largest exhibition of weighing instruments held on 19-21 April in Dongguang, China. Knowledge about th

6 May 2014

Interview with Jan Konijnenburg

Rapid technological developments in recent times have led to a huge increase in the importance of software-equipped measuring instruments and systems. ‘’In the past, 80% of the characteristics of

10 February 2014

How to successfully export your measuring instrument to Europe

New training course: an introduction to the MID and NAWI Directive Do you wish to sell your measuring instruments within Europe? Then you will need to know about the regulations that apply to instrume

10 February 2014

Kees van Willenswaard visits trade fairs

Kees van Willenswaard, Senior Account Manager Weighing, visits many trade fairs on behalf of NMi, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the market for weighing instruments. In January, he visi

6 February 2014