Creating awareness: WON-day 2019

Creating awareness

WON-day 2019

More young people in the world of technology! Creating awareness for great jobs and all the cool things you can do in the field of metrology.

WON-day 2019

On April the 17th, NMi was a school for a day with the WON-day 2019! This is a special day to prepare secondary school students for a scientific study and to make them aware of how fun and cool it is to work in de world of technology and metrology! To promote the field of metrology, we organized a special day for them.

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We started the day with snacks and different presentations about NMi and metrology. Then each group got an assignment with a case, involving measurement. From laser guns to testing the air in their longs (turbine meter). For lunch, we got pizza! Then everyone stepped on the stage to give a presentation of their case results. They finished the day with a lot of new information, a glimpse off what you can do with a scientific study and a fun goody bag!

We hope we inspired a lot of kids to choose a profession in technology and metrology. It is important for NMi to participate with these kind of days to promote technology and metrology. See you next year!