NMi appointed to issue Dutch certificates for CG dispensers

As of this week NMi is appointed to issue Dutch certificates for Compressed Gas dispensers. The Dutch legislation has been changed 1 November 2016. As of this date, market access is only possible for nationally approved CNG (or Hydrogen) dispensers. This means that a manufacturer should acquire a national approval in the Netherlands. These approvals are based on the OIML R 139 (2014).

Until recently there was no authority that could issue these national certificates. NMi, the Council for Accreditation and the Dutch government, have been working hard to get everything aligned. We are proud to announce that NMi has been appointed to issue the national certificates.

All instruments that already have been tested and approved according to OIML R 139 (2014) will need a document review and evaluation in order to obtain a national approval. The first investigations have already been performed; this means that NMi will publish some certificates in the next couple of days!

Do you want more information on this subject? You can contact our experts by mail. You can read the announcement in the State newspaper and on the Dutch government website.

Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt

Team Leader Oil & Gas, Worldwide

7 years of working in the approval of liquid measuring systems or parts of measuring systems, specialized in Ultrasonic and Coriolis meters. Member of FHI, OIML R81, R117 and R139, WELMEC 10.