Exciting seminar for the Chinese weighing industry on Weighing in Motion

As happens every year, prior to the InterWEIGHING Exhibition, a seminar is organised to advise Chinese manufacturers on the latest development in the weighing industry. This year, the InterWEIGHING Exhibition was held on 19 to 21 April in Dongguan, in the Guangdong province. At the seminar, special attention was paid to Weighing in Motion (WiM).

In many countries this system is being increasingly used to asses weighing loads on the road, to offset traffic flows and to help in identifying excess loads promptly.

During the seminar, Hans van Loo of Corner Stone International in cooperation with NMi gave a talk to representatives of the Chinese market on the options and challenges with the WiM procedure. Governments are using low speed (static) systems for weighing axle loads as a means of controlling overloading. The relevant international OIML R134 recommendation is applied for purposes of determining the weighing accuracy under a range of conditions, thus providing us with an independent assessment of the WiM systems. In the case of high speed weighing (where vehicles are weighed while in motion), this is more difficult however because external factors can have a substantial influence on the measurement.

Hans van Loo has a lot of experience to offer in this area, based on his 20 years of experience with the traffic police, the Directorate-general for Public Works and Water Management, Kalibra and as an independent adviser for Corner Stone International since 2013. Working in close cooperation with NMi, Hans has been providing support both to the Chinese government and to its metrological services in analysing the market and advising on the development and maintenance of a national regulatory framework in China.

NMi has the capability of examining the various WiM systems in accordance with OIML R134 and COST 323. This can make access to the global markets more feasible for manufacturers. These weighing systems are not regulated under European legislation; nevertheless the OIML is often regarded as a good recommendation to follow when complying with national legislation and for convincing potential users of the measuring accuracy of the instruments.

For more information on the options OIML R134 and COST 323 have to offer and on the certification of your measuring system, please contact Kees van Willenswaard, NMi’s Senior Account Manager for the weighing market, at nmi@nmi.nl or call him on +31 78 633 2308.

Do you as a government need to know more about the WiM systems and do you require advice on the drafting of legislation? Then please contact Hans van Loo at hans.vanloo@gmail.com, Telephone: +41 (0)79 936 0706 or get in touch with Kees van Willenswaard at kvanwillenswaard@nmi.nl, Telephone: +31 (0)78 633 2308.

Kees van Willenswaard

Kees van Willenswaard

Senior Account Manager, Worldwide,Netherlands

Expert on weighing, with 13 years experience in the field of type approvals followed by 7 years as lead assessor for module D evaluations. Since 2007 working as Senior Account Manager, helping manufacturers to access the word market with their measuring instruments.