First OIML R117 CoC worldwide for Emerson Process Management

On May 1st 2015, NMi’s Managing Director Arjan van Breukelen has issued the first OIML R117 Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for an industrial component of a measuring system that has ever been issued worldwide. This unique moment took place at the premesis of Emerson Process Management in Ede, the Netherlands.

A CoC is a Certificate that attests the conformity of the system or component identified in the OIML Type Evaluation Report with the requirements of the Recommendation.

Importance OIML R117

For measuring systems for liquids other than water, such as systems on pipelines, compliance with the Measurement Instruments Directive is assumed when using the OIML R117 Recommendation. Up to recently, R117 CoCs could only be issued in respect of retail systems such as fuel dispensers. Now, as a result of the publication of the official test report format as OIML R117-3, which was  approved in the end of 2014, it is possible to have CoCs published for all measuring systems and components of measuring systems that are listed in OIML R 117-2.

This is a big advantage for manufacturers, since CoCs are accepted in many more countries as a certificate in combination with a test report, compared to the OIML test report on its own. In addition, several countries only implement OIML Recommendations into their national  legislation when the official test report format is published. This means that manufacturers will find it even easier to get their products accepted in other countries.