First NMi VCAP compliance audit report for SysTec GmbH

On 15 September 2016, the first VCAP audit report by NMi was handed over to SysTec GmbH from Germany, a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing indicators. The audit report was offered by NMi’s accountmanager for the weighing market, Kees van Willenswaard (on the right of the photo), to Swen Porschen (left) and Ralf Golinski (middle) from SysTec.

SysTec already held an National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformity for their indicators and wanted to continue selling them in the USA for the next three years. In close coordination with NTEP, every step of the auditing process was carefully executed by our accredited VCAP auditors. We have combined the VCAP audit with a module D certification to broaden the export possibilities for this product type considerably. Congratulations!


Kees van Willenswaard

Kees van Willenswaard

Senior Account Manager, Worldwide,Netherlands

Expert on weighing, with 13 years experience in the field of type approvals followed by 7 years as lead assessor for module D evaluations. Since 2007 working as Senior Account Manager, helping manufacturers to access the word market with their measuring instruments.