A future proof LNG measuring system

The use of LNG as an alternative source of energy is an upcoming market. Many different kinds of LNG installations are being designed and developed, from dispensers to large industrial production installations. Are you a manufacturer of LNG dispensers or LNG bunkering installations? Then you most certainly will know that there is still a lot of uncertainty about which regulations and legislation to apply when placing your products on the market.

Clear advice

As an independent testing and certification institute, NMi is ready to assist you in this process by translating the latest requirements into clear advice. Our experts will provide you with up-to-date specifications, if desired from the very first stage of your designing process. When building an LNG measuring system or when certifying your LNG meters, the performance of the measuring system is determined by a number of factors that need to be taken into account. For instance how to control the filling of a warm tank, the measurement of the gas return, making sure that all piping remains filled with LNG, yearly recalibrations, which parts to use or not to use etc. Professional advice from NMi in the development phase will help you take the right decisions to create a future-proof product. Development and purchase costs can thus be dramatically reduced, while shortening the route from design to end product.

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Wim Volmer

Wim Volmer

Business Development Manager Oil & Gas , Netherlands

Expert on all aspects related to the measurement of liquids and gases and their properties. Member of several OIML and Welmec groups, WIB Field Instruments and the NEN Flow Committee.