How to successfully export your measuring instrument to Europe

New training course: an introduction to the MID and NAWI Directive

Do you wish to sell your measuring instruments within Europe? Then you will need to know about the regulations that apply to instruments used in the industry.  What exactly does Legal Metrology mean in Europe? And what are the relevant responsibilities for manufacturers, their representatives and/or suppliers? During this one-day training course, you will be shown how to navigate through the regulations. In addition, you will be given an explanation about the various manufacturer modules and will learn how to find the relevant supporting documentation on EN, OIML and WELMEC. You will also be given details of what to expect from Notified Bodies and supervisory bodies.

After completing this training course, you will have a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to take from initial product design to launching on the European market. You will be better prepared for the type of testing and inspections that are involved where measuring instruments are concerned.

First scheduled training date: 7 May 2014. Click here for more information and to register.

This course can be complemented by an additional half day of training :”An introduction to the Quality Assurance of your Production Process”.

Kees van Willenswaard

Kees van Willenswaard

Senior Account Manager, Worldwide,Netherlands

Expert on weighing, with 13 years experience in the field of type approvals followed by 7 years as lead assessor for module D evaluations. Since 2007 working as Senior Account Manager, helping manufacturers to access the word market with their measuring instruments.