Introducing: Jeffrey Vermeer, Managing Director at NMi

NMi welcomed a new Managing Director on 1 November 2015. Jeffrey Vermeer succeeds Arjan van Breukelen, who is pursuing his career as a freelance consultant and coach following three successful years at NMi.

In a nutshell: who is Jeffrey Vermeer?
I am 44 years old, I live in Zoetermeer and I love animals. My wife and I have four cats, a dog and a horse. My favourite hobby is fly fishing.

What is your background?
My background is in electrical engineering. I hold a degree from Delft University of Technology, having first taken the route through lower vocational technical school (LTS), technical secondary school (MTS), an institute of technology (HTS) and technical university (TU). Following a number of jobs at smaller companies, I ended up at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in 2000. I held various positions in the 14 years I worked there, the latest of which was Business Line Manager Space. I was asked to become a director at ProQares in 2014, a laboratory that tests protective agents against chemical and biological attacks. ProQares is part of TNO Companies in the same way as NMi. Sometime in the middle of all that, I was asked if I would take up the post of Managing Director on a temporary basis for a company that was going through a difficult period: CelSian Glass & Solar B.V. I was supposed to be there for four months, but that became over a year. The organisation is well back on track again and so there was scope for a new challenge.

That new challenge is NMi. Victor Elsendoorn, the Managing Director of TNO Companies, approached me in the summer of 2015. I had already come into contact with NMi during my time at the HTS when I visited them once to ask them about an internship project. That internship didn’t happen, but I’ve never forgotten the good impression I was left with. The main theme running through my career is the design and development of instruments. At TNO Companies I switched to chemistry. When this offer came, it was very appealing to go back to my roots again. Although NMi doesn’t make any instruments, they are tested here. What Nmi does touches on many of the things I’m passionate about.

What are your plans for this company?
The global reputation NMi has built up is certainly impressive. That’s something that has to be cherished. If you’ve worked in space travel and in oil and gas, as I have, you certainly know that testing and certifying play a crucial role. So without detracting from everything NMi stands for, I think it’s important to maintain the upward trend of the last few years and start to gradually expand. This might mean that we start offering complementary services in a small way, for example. These could include new, innovative services that are not directly part of legal metrology, but are in adjacent areas. We’re going to explore these options.

How do you expect to spend your first weeks at NMi?
I’m very lucky. It’s the time of year when the annual plan is produced. So that’s a nice job to start with. Apart from that, I have transferred my duties at ProQares and the same process at CelSian is pretty well completed too. Personal contact is important so I’ll be popping in to see a lot of new colleagues to introduce myself. There are lunchtime appointments planned with the product market groups and departments to quickly give me a total picture of the organisation. Once all the festivities in December are over, I’ll be able to make a fresh start in 2016. I’m immensely looking forward to getting to know our clients and business associates in the new year too.