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Looking to the international OIML platform, several important topics have been discussed lately. After the publication of the Recommendation for Gas Meters (R137) in 2012, a lot of effort was put into preparing the Test Report Format in 2013. A draft Test Report Format was prepared and the main focus is to have the document formally published by the end of this year. It will then be possible for you as a manufacturer to apply for the OIML Certificate of Conformity. This will generate more acceptance worldwide.

Almost all OIML Recommendations with respect to liquid applications are being revised or have just undergone revision. The complete Recommendation for Water Meters (R49) has now been approved and is due to be officialized soon.

CNG measurement is an important application which has been afforded special attention. The aim is to introduce a usable recommendation for CNG dispensers (R139). This document is a huge improvement on the old document. For the manufacturers, the tests described are more practical and efficient to perform.  After the Test Report format has been finalized by the end of 2014 you will also be able to apply for the official OIML Certificate of Conformity for CNG dispensers in respect of this Recommendation.

Another liquid-based Recommendation that is being revised is the Recommendation for Cryogenic Applications (R81). One of the major changes in the document concerns the exclusion of LNG. This will form part of the Recommendation governing liquids other than water (R117).

Much work has been done particularly in regard to the OIML R117 Recommendation.  The second draft has been published on the OIML website and the document is scheduled to be ready and approved by the end of this year. The Test Report format is being developed in parallel with the testing procedures. This will enable us to issue OIML Certificates of Conformity for all liquid measuring installations and components (limited to just fuel dispensers at present). One of the major changes in the document is that it provides a more practical solution on how to test the large range of liquid measuring systems or individual components of measuring systems. This will give manufacturers and producers more flexibility with regard to Certification plus a higher acceptance and understanding of the modular approach for components in a measuring installation.


Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt

Team Leader Oil & Gas, Worldwide

7 years of working in the approval of liquid measuring systems or parts of measuring systems, specialized in Ultrasonic and Coriolis meters. Member of FHI, OIML R81, R117 and R139, WELMEC 10.