LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID at EFMWS

Marc Schmidt, Team Leader Oil & Gas at NMi, will present on LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID at European Flow Measurement Workshop (EFMWS). Part of the European Research project on LNG deals with Standardisation. Within the project group it was decided to only focus on matters not covered by other (inter)national norms, standards and/or recommendations. The main idea behind this approach was to both avoid duplication of work as well as potential conflicts between the various standardisation initiatives.

The presentation aims to show how the various standardisation schemes turned out to be complementary despite their different origins. Thanks to a cool-headed project approach this potentially hot issue has now become an asset to the international LNG world. Additionally the legal metrology situation in the EU, as dictated by the MID, will be sketched.

Since the requirements in the OIML R 117 are new for LNG applications it is good to realize some hot issues that you need to address when constructing an LNG installation. Some of these issues are how to deal with the pre-cooling of the meter, the vapor return line and possible half full/empty piping

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Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt

Team Leader Oil & Gas, Worldwide

7 years of working in the approval of liquid measuring systems or parts of measuring systems, specialized in Ultrasonic and Coriolis meters. Member of FHI, OIML R81, R117 and R139, WELMEC 10.