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Decreasing Your Measurement Uncertainty
This short video will explain the relationship between measurement and your business’s financial margin. If you wish to improve your current situation, this tool might be the solution for you. Please watch and feel welcome to contact us for more information.


Why C-SMART Analytics?

Many types of businesses in the Oil & Gas and Process Industry rely on the sale and purchase of liquid and/or gaseous products by their quantity. Also, for companies providing transport or storage services for gasses or liquids, their income is directly related to the correct measurement of incoming and outbound products. Therefore, if measuring systems underperform, there are direct financial consequences.

What is C-SMART Analytics?

C-SMART Analytics provides continuous remote monitoring of measuring systems / stations in a way never available. C-SMART Analytics is ideal for end-users such as power plants, refineries, large industrial facilities, as well as pipeline companies. Through a secure, cloud-based solution, the C-SMART Analytics monitoring system helps operators manage their measurement risk while decreasing their operating cost.

How does it work?

C-SMART Analytics collects (diagnostics) data from all components making up a complete measuring system, or station. Through its proprietary algorithms, it identifies trends, shifts and anomalies and presents error estimates and possible solutions to designated users. It does so in (close to) real-time and independent of the make and model of the connected devices, presenting events in a “same-look, same-feel” format through a browser.


In November 2019, a reseller agreement was signed between US based company C-SMART and NMi, thereby making NMi the European reseller for C-SMART. This partnership between two independent companies means that the C-SMART Analytics solution is now available to European companies with “same-time-zone” service and support through NMi.

Offering complementing services, this creates a win-win-win situation for both companies, as well as end-users.

For more information you can also visit the C-SMART website.
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