Smart meters are the future!
Results count! Smart watt-hour meters, gas meters and water meters all rely on them.

Electricity meters

NMi offers a wide range of testing for electricity meters. Our core business is testing in accordance with the IEC 62052 / 62053 series, for active and reactive energy, as well as the European harmonised standards EN 50470, on which basis MID approvals can be issued. Many other services are available as well. You can think of testing in accordance with the new safety standard 62052-31, the OIML R 46, durability examination or 2-150 kHz testing. If likely we can also test for specific markets, like Australia or South-Africa and apply the local requirements. With dedicated experts in international working groups like IEC and CENELEC TC 13, WELMEC 11 and OIML TC 12, NMi is your partner for testing electricity meters.

Interested in receiving the latest news on upcoming changes in IEC and CENELEC standards and their impact? Feel free to download our white paper.

Gas meters

Gas meters can be based on a number of different measuring principles, for residential or industrial applications. NMi is able to test every gas meter based on the applicable EN standard, like the EN 1359 (diaphragm meters), EN 14236 (ultrasonic meters), EN 12480 (rotary meters), EN 12261 (turbine meters) as well as the draft CEN standard for thermal meters. Also volume conversion devices can be examined, as well as gas chromatographs and pressure or temperature transmitters. As OIML issuing authority, NMi offers testing of gas meters in accordance with the OIML R 137 as well. Here you can make use of the OIML Certification System for quick international acceptance. As one of the leading Notified Bodies NMi can help you with the certification of your gas meter. By participating in international working groups, like WELMEC 11 and OIML TC 8, NMi is able to provide you with the best knowledge in the field of gas metering.

Water and heat meters

NMi offers certification of your water or heat meter. Water meters can be examined in accordance with OIML R 49 or ISO 4064. Heat meters can be tested based on the OIML R 75 or the EN 1434. As Notified Body NMi is able to issue your MID approval. The OIML Certificates of Conformity can be used directly in the OIML Certification System. This is a real help for international recognition, in order to get approvals in countries all over the world. By participating in WELMEC 13, NMi is the right partner to provide you with the latest information.

Power quality

Power quality meters can be tested in accordance with the IEC standard 61000-4-30 Edition 3 at NMi. The investigation is performed while using the test methods as described in IEC 62586-2. The Certificate and test reports, being issued under an ISO 17025 accreditation, guarantee good market acceptance. A new service is the examination of PMD’s (Performance measuring and monitoring devices) in accordance with the IEC 61557-12. These devices can be tested for various parameters, like voltage, frequency, but also active & reactive power and energy as well as power quality aspects. With dedicated experts in IEC TC 85, NMi can advise you to choose the most suitable testing options.

Communication, data security and penetration testing

With smart meters data communication is very important. As official test house for the Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA) ,designated by Gemserv, Scheme in the UK, NMi has a dedicated communication test lab in Southampton, England.

Recently, NMi opened a dedicated laboratory for testing of smart meters and Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW) in Merseburg, Germany. This lab is also specialised in data security and penetration testing. Smart meters and communication systems can be examined in accordance with the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI document “Minimum security requirements for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) components”, prepared by ESMIG. More details are explained in our dedicated flyer.

Apart from that, our specialists are also able to perform source code reviews, in order to identify possible vulnerabilities, to estimate the code quality and to reduce risks. These code reviews are performed on site, at the premises of the manufacturer.

Consultancy and training

Do you have any need for consultancy, related to (legal) metrology for your utility meter? Or do you want to have an (in-house) training by dedicated experts? Feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes. Also a training to prepare yourself for MID module D can be arranged, if required followed by a pre-audit. Send an e-mail to nmi@nmi.nl in order to find out the possibilities.



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