Meet the NMi Oil & Gas team at EFMWS

Speaker-Wim Volmer
 Wim Volmer Marc Schmidt Paul van Enckevort Erik van de Graaf

The NMi Oil & Gas team participates in European Flow Measurement Workshop (EFMWS); NMi is one of the involved parties through Silver Sponsorship. At this conference you will find world leading companies in the field of oil and gas flow metering and LNG. We participate to meet our customers, both manufacturers and end-users, monitor market developments and to give two lectures. NMi is very interested in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), our team is eager to find out what the role of NMi could be on this specific topic.

Pre-schedule an appointment with Oil & Gas team

Our Oil & Gas team at EFMWS, that exists of Wim Volmer, Marc Schmidt, Paul van Enckevort and Erik van de Graaf, welcomes you to visit our presentation booth. You can pre-schedule an appointment with (one of) them by sending an email to Two of the team members are involved as speakers; Wim Volmer presents on Metrological Life Cycle Management and Marc Schmidt on LNG according to ISO, OIML R117 and MID. Are you interested in learning more about these topics? You can register at the EFMWS website.

About European Flow Measurement Workshop

In a rapidly changing world some values remain unaltered. New equipment and new tools such as diagnostics, but also new fuels and new ideas or approaches, can only be introduced into daily industry life after their accurate performance and traceability to the highest standards have been properly taken care of. To do this, a collaboration of all parties involved is crucial. Together we are fueling the future!