Do you need (legal) metrology information?

Meet the NMi Weighing team

We are proud to introduce you to the complete NMi Weighing team. It consists of men and women who earned credits in their field, combined with recently graduated co-workers. The Weighing team members are Johan Oostrijk, Valeska Augusteijn, Ewout van der Grinten, Matthias Meijer, Baris Yilmaz, Sjors Koeman, Bousaina Mahtala, Aldemar Tjoa, Roy Scholten and Kees van Willenswaard.

Contact us for information or help

The team members can help you with information about (legal) metrology in the field of Weighing. You can reach them to log a request or to set up a meeting at and +31 78 6332332. You can also subscribe to the NMi newsletter in order to receive metrological weighing news on a regular base.

Interested in their experience? By clicking their names, you will find their LinkedIn profile page.