Meet us at InterTraffic 2014 in Amsterdam, booth number 01-416

Whether you are developing tachographs for lorries, parking meters that charge by the minute, speed meters or charging points for electric vehicles, you need a guarantee that the measurements and the resulting invoices are accurate. NMi is experienced in testing innovative measuring instruments and –systems for the mobility market. Our outstanding international reputation for testing and certificating police enforcement measuring instruments, MOT measuring instruments, taxi meters and quality systems is widely spread. Thanks to our efficient test procedures, state-of-the-art test facilities and our highly skilled test engineers, we can achieve the shortest turnaround times for you. Do you have additional requirements? If so, we can incorporate them immediately in the test plan so that you can market your product as quickly as possible.

Our experts can help you with an underpinned test report which demonstrates the performance of your measuring instrument or measuring system. We develop test procedures which are aimed at demonstrating the conformity of your innovative measuring instruments. With that in mind we provide support in the different phases of your product development, helping you avoid expensive and time-consuming modifications later on. Our expertise is also applicable when issues like smart mobility, ANPR, tolling and a safe and healthy environment are involved.

Support for national road safety guidelines and legislation

NMi’s highly specialized knowledge is regularly called on by authorities in other countries in Europe and beyond. When setting up a legislative system for enforcement or training and coaching during implementation, for example, NMi offers support with respect to the legal burden of proof and a 99% enforcement policy. Are you interested in the various regulations, the development of legal burden of proof that stands up to scrutiny in court and/ or the implementation of a facility for testing and certifying traffic measuring instruments? As an independent institute, NMi can give insight into these important factors, train your staff and deliver support when preparing regulations.

We are looking forward to meeting you and discuss the possibilities to be of your assistance at the InterTraffic exhibition, which will be held from 25 to 28 March 2014 in the Amsterdam RAI. We are available for you at booth number 01-416. On the InterTraffic website, you can find a link for free entrance.