The Milestones in Metrology V conference, what’s in it for you?

Whether you are involved in the development, production, use, testing or inspection of measuring instruments: there is plenty to learn and many reasons to come to the Milestones in Metrology V (in short MiM V) conference, taking place from 25 to 27 May 2016 in EYE Amsterdam. Milestones in Metrology is the international metrology platform where manufacturers and end-users of measuring instruments exchange ideas with the world’s most authoritative regulators and metrological experts. Together we can define the future of our working field. In this newsletter you’ll find every reason why you just can’t miss this event.

Since we are only two weeks from the start of the conference: register now!

MiM V for manufacturers
As a manufacturer of (parts of) measuring instruments, your goal is to develop, design, build and produce your equipment in such a way that added value is created for your customers (the ‘end-users’) in accordance with their expectations and applications. To do that efficiently, it is very important that your products can enter the market in a smooth way. Hence, fast market access and a wide international acceptance of your MID, IEC, EN or OIML Certificates is most welcome for your business. Increasing international acceptance of certificates is one of the key topics during MiM V. Welmec chairperson Anneke van Spronssen and BIML director Stephen Patoray will elaborate on the topic during their key note lecture. In addition, Governmental and Notified Bodies like PTB, Kiwa, NMi, NMRO, VNIIMS Russia and NMI Australia will share their view on the expectations, requirements, experiences and futures ideas of international acceptance. Although there is still room for improvement, steps are being made into the right direction. A good example of that is the acceptance of OIML MAA Certificates in Asian, American and European countries.

Your contribution as a manufacturer to these discussions is crucial. Not only in relation to a better worldwide acceptance of your test reports and certificates, but also because your expectations on future developments are important input for regulators and metrologists, who can take your suggestions into account.

MiM V for end-users and buyers of measuring instruments
As an end-user of (parts of) measuring instruments, your goal is to find the right application for your measurement requirements. Whether we are talking about high volumes of petrochemical flows (Oil & Gas), high amounts of small meters (Utility), or measurement of very accurate weights in laboratory environments (Weighing): you all have your own requirements, needs and preferences. Are the requested instruments available on the market? What choices do you have? Would a different measuring principle be possible? These are the questions that arise during the design phase, buying, installation, and possibly in service timelines as well.

Quite often though, these requirements tend to be ‘forgotten’ during legal metrology certification projects. Although your questions and needs can be of great influence to the behaviour and design of the instruments, they are often not yet implemented in legal metrology or market surveillance topics. This could cause conflicts during design or operational phases. It is therefore essential for test labs, certification bodies and governmental agencies to better understand what you expect from manufacturers.

Several speakers will address this topic for each stream. For example, in the Utility market, there are various options for smart meter verification. The support of these options in the field and the influence they can have on re-verification or market surveillance could be enormous. Moreover, consistent production, life time reliability, assurance of production capacity, interoperability and privacy topics play a role in the decision making process of Utilities and will be highlighted from different perspectives.

This edition of MiM will address these topics in greater detail, since the application of future proof measuring instruments does not only depend anymore on legal metrology legislation but also on the adjacent topics that can influence the meter behavior. It moreover depends on you, the end user – and in most cases – the owner of the instrument!

The goal is to create more awareness about certification choices. Which situation demands which tool? For the Oil & Gas stream, Aart Pruysen and Han van Dal, Product Manager at Spirit IT, will motivate the decisions that they made as end-users of flow measurement devices.

Another topic in this matter is the use of alternative energy sources: the measurement of new energy sources (think of LNG, smart meters etc) can change the need for certification, calibration and measurement accuracy in the near future. During their lecture at MiM V, Colorado Experiment Engineering Station Inc. (Ceesi) from the USA will give their view on the need for LNG Calibration and harmonized traceability chains worldwide.

Don’t miss this opportunity: at MiM V you will be able to address your needs towards all stakeholders in this market. Together we can create a future proof system that takes care of all needed views in the market.

MiM V for governmental offices, regulators and market surveillance inspectors
Are you working on a daily basis with (the interpretation of) measurement regulations? It is often stated that regulation is always ‘behind’ when it comes to technological developments. On the one hand, this is obvious and not to prevent. On the other hand, a platform for joint growth in creating measurement applications could be established. How? By creating technology independent regulations. By trying to adapt better verification or validation solutions. By using new technologies to support in market surveillance. By building test locations to better understand new technologies and applications. MiM V is the place to get started with a platform for joint growth.

We all know the old fashioned mechanic and electronic instruments. They are perhaps measuring very accurately but are outdated by new measurement technologies like software downloads, exchangeability of components, smart meter readings, diagnostics tools and new measurement technologies.

As regulator or market surveillance authority, this influences also your daily work. MiM V provides you a platform to learn about the latest developments, such as diagnostics as a measuring tool, software downloads, power quality measurements, the modular approach and exchange of components with better and innovative technology. These are just a few topics that will be addressed and highlighted from the point of view of both regulators (Welmec, NMRO, National Conference of Weights and Measures USA) and manufacturers (e.g. Emerson, Esmig, Krohne, Systec, Cecip).

You will receive important information that can also be taken into account in later Welmec, OIML or other international decision making bodies when creating standards, recommendations, interpretations of (re-)verifications and installed bases.

MiM V for testing and certification labs / Notified Bodies
Is testing and certification your business? Then you are either a private or governmental company. Your daily work is always a combination between technology, legislation and interpretation in the joint working field of suppliers, manufacturers, end-users and regulators. Being “the spider in the web” in the legal metrology system, you need to be on top of the latest developments, requirements and needs from the market. Therefore it is very important to share information, create interpretations and discuss experiences and challenges. The best place to do this is at MiM V.

The existence of a system of acceptance and trust in test reports and certificates is in your hands. Your goal is to set a fair and high standard regarding the performance of the actual required tests and certification activities. Because the last thing that manufacturers, regulators or market surveillance inspectors want is a difference in quality and test approach between testing labs and Notified Bodies.

The creation of NoBoMet as the branch organisation for the Notified Bodies in metrology is an important step in Europe. A worldwide system can bring an even better assurance of accurate measurement. So let’s join forces, follow the measurement evolution and contribute to a future proof system. During MiM V you can:

•come to an understanding of local requirements
•exchange ideas on OIML MAA acceptance
•learn from the needs and requests of manufacturers and end-users
•work on a joint interpretation of test requirements
•share practical experiences in testing, verifications in the field and lab conditions

Defining the future of our own working fields is a joint effort. Therefore we are looking forward to see you at MiM V, where we can learn, teach, discuss, advice, listen, create and evaluate together the opportunities that lie ahead of us in the next years of Future Proof Metrology!