Design and development support

Streamline your product development through an understanding of requirements and standards: from drawing board to commissioning

Design and development support

Innovative solutions for innovative products

NMi uses its wealth of experience to develop test procedures which are also aimed at demonstrating the conformity of your innovative measuring instruments.

Independent view on your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Knowledge and experience with respect to statutory requirements and the interpretation of standards  

Based on its long experience in testing traffic measuring instruments, NMi is an authority when it comes to statutory requirements and standards.

The Netherlands has a leading position when it comes to developing enforcement instruments and is usually the first place to test and install new systems, such as mobile control and section control for speed measurements. Other countries are therefore keen to use the knowledge and experience on enforcement requirements available in the Netherlands.

Legal burden of proof

Through its ongoing efforts aimed at perfecting traffic measuring instruments, the Netherlands has developed considerable expertise in measuring methods, the development of requirements for measuring instruments and legislation – in government, measuring instrument manufacturers and the police. As an independent testing laboratory, NMi is closely involved in these developments and performs all certifications for the manufacturers of police measuring instruments. This means that NMi is an important element in a watertight system that provides the legal burden of proof.

NMi’s highly specialised knowledge is regularly called on by the authorities in other countries in Europe and beyond. When setting up a legislative system for enforcement or training and coaching during implementation, for example, NMi can provide support with respect to the legal burden of proof and 99% enforcement policy.

Are you interested in the various regulations, the development of legal burden of proof that stands up to scrutiny in court or the implementation of a facility for testing and certifying traffic measuring instruments? As an independent institute, NMi can provide insight into the important factors, provide training and deliver support when preparing regulations.