Testing and certification

Fast approval: type examination, international market access, certification of quality systems, verification

Testing and certification

The Dutch police use various measuring instruments to maintain public order. The results of these measurements are used to provide the legal burden of proof, which means that they must meet the requirements specified in the different legislative documents. Furthermore, in the Netherlands statutory vehicle test measuring instruments and taximeters for charging for taxi journeys may only be used if they meet the requirements. NMi’s worldwide reputation ensures widespread recognition and thus acceptance of NMi reports. The result is market access outside the Netherlands. In many cases, we can test your measuring instruments for compliance with MID regulations, EN standards or OIML recommendations.

Efficient testing

Fast market access is vital to ensure good business deals. Thanks to our efficient test procedures, state-of-the-art test facilities and our experienced test engineers, we can achieve the shortest turnaround times for you. Do you have additional customer and other requirements? If so, we can incorporate them immediately in the test plan so that you can market your product as quickly as possible. Your on-board computer for taxis can be tested at the same time as your taximeter, for example.

Our section control system achieved its certification quickly thanks to NMi’s expertise

NB The type examination certificate is the first step towards market access. In order to market your measuring instrument in Europe, it must undergo an initial verification.

Component certificates

As a supplier of measuring instrument components, such as speed cameras, extraction units for zero emissions or load cells for brake test benches, you can increase the value of your product by providing it with a certificate. You may request a separate test certificate for each module.

Developments in requirements and legislation

NMi is an active participant in national working groups and has contacts with well known organisations in the industry, such as RAI, BOVAG, RDW, LPTV and CJIB. We also participate in international working groups like WELMEC, OIML and several standards committees. We therefore know all about the latest developments regarding requirements and legislation and are often involved in preparing new standards for innovative measuring methods. We can tell you what new requirements are in the pipeline for the coming year, so that you can take them into account in the test plan and put a future-proof product on the market.

Regulation and Quotation

Worldwide market access

An NMi certificate or test report is accepted as a basis for approval without further testing by many foreign governments.

Knowledge and experience with respect to applicable requirements and the interpretation of standards

For many years NMi has been actively involved in the certification of filling systems and is an authority on applicable requirements and standards.

Short turnaround times

Clever test plans guarantee the shortest turnaround times for rapid market access of your product.