New Anechoic Room in Dutch Metrology Tower

NMi Certin is proud to announce that we almost moved our complete team and labs to the Dutch Metrology Tower in Delft. September will be used to finalize the complete transition. We are very happy to be re-located to Delft and look forward to meet you there and being part of the technical community that surrounds the city.

Because of the move, NMi invested in a new fully Anechoic Room for radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity tests, which has been built by Comtest. The new facility’s system is able to generate high frequency EM-fields up to 6 GHz, where the chamber itself is even designed for frequencies up to 18 GHz. The electromagnetic fields are generated by a system which consist of a combination of various amplifiers and 2 antennas, to cover the whole frequency spectrum.

The new Anechoic Room is suitable to test all kinds of equipment in conformity with the requirements of several IEC standards and OIML Recommendations and of course according to the EMC basic standard 61000-4-3. With this new investment, NMi is fully prepared for the future, to perform radio-frequency electro-magnetic field tests according to the latest requirements, for many years.

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