The New Legislative Framework: Seminar in Padova

During the first months of 2014, the new MID (2014/32/EU) and NAWI (2014/31/EU) directives have been published. These directives fit perfectly into the wider New Legislative Framework (NLF), a complete normative system that tries to include all the possible aspects of safety and quality of products that have to enter the EU market.

Implications and opportunities for players on the EU market

To explain the implications of these legal changes to Italian customers, NMi Italia organizes a seminar which will help them understand the impact for their business and the steps they have to take to prepare themselves. This seminar will take place in Padova on19 November (NLF + NAWI/AWI directive) and 20 November 2014 (NLF + MID directive).

Three expert of NMi, who are directly involved in the study and practical implementation of the New Legislative Framework, will be hosting this event: Alessandra Bendistinto, Sales Manager (project leader NLF) for NMi Italia, Paul van Enckevort, Director Marketing and Sales and Marc Schmidt, Approval Expert. They will introduce the NLF and its main new concepts, such as “being economic operator”, “making available”, “risk analysis”, “product traceability”, etc. Then the participants will see the transposition of the NLF in the new MID and NAWI directives, and the inevitable implications and opportunities for all operators involved in this type of certification.

Information and registration

Are you also an Italian operator, and involved in the MID or NAWI/AWI directive? Then this seminar can be of interest for you. The seminar will be held in Italian. Please contact Alessandra Bendistinto (E, T +39 049 9335925) for more information. Registration is mandatory and closes at 31 October 2014.

Alessandra Bendistinto

Alessandra Bendistinto

Business Development Manager NMi Italy, Worldwide

Master of Law, experience on legal metrology certifications and services for all kind of meters since 2006. ITS and smart mobility services developer.