New version of guide WELMEC 7.2 published

Recently a new version of guide WELMEC 7.2 has been published (2018 version). This document provides guidance on the use of software in measuring instruments. The changes, in comparison with the previous version, are documented on the last page of the guide.

The main changes are:

  • Expansion of P7 by an acceptable solution that ensures, that the contents of the event logger are shown on the display is added.
  • Expansion of U8 and inclusion of a corresponding P8 to describe pairing and handshaking between units in a more general way.
  • Improved clarity of extension S by removing the definition for low level / high level separation.

The guide can be found on the WELMEC website. Most of the links on confluence have been updated. The evaluation report has been updated as well.

This version of the guide has not been referenced by the (EU) measuring instruments committee yet, but this is to be expected during the next meeting. Current type examinations can be finished using the 2015 version of the guide. For new type examinations, the use of the 2018 version is preferred.

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Roy Scholten

Roy Scholten

Senior Approvals Expert, Netherlands

20 years of approvals of measuring instruments, including testing, software examination, document evaluation, interpretation of legislation, training, auditing and consultancy. Member of Twinning Tunesia, Netherlands and Portugal.