NMi accredited laboratory ANPR

Since April 2016 Italy has its new edition of UNI 10772; the standard for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). NMi is the accredited laboratory to perform tests accordingly to the new standard. 

Higher quality requirements

This new standard contains higher quality requirements, not only for the devices, but also for the tests to which they are subjected in order to obtain the Italian certification. The previous standard did not contain license plate category for example. UNI 10772 defines different license plates categories like Rear Plates in two formats, Front Plates for motor vehicles and Plates for mopeds. The standard also describes specific and detailed requirements for the laboratory that performs tests.

The accreditation was a team effort of our offices in Italy and the Netherlands

All suppliers for ANPR devices on the Italian market have to comply to the standard. UNI 10772 is not only applicable for enforcement purposes, but also for access authorization to public or private areas. Furthermore the standard can be applied to toll criteria. Therefore the need of verified characteristics has a wider scope.

NMi accredited laboratory ANPR

The Italian accreditation of NMi is a beautiful example of cooperation. Paul van Enckevort, Director Sales and Innovation explains: “We are proud to be accredited for UNI 10772, this was a team effort of our office in Italy and the main office in the Netherlands. NMi is very experienced in the mobility market. We are an authority when it comes to understanding and interpretation of requirements and standards. We can help and support suppliers in many ways. Because of the specific Italian standard, we built a test environment for this particular project in Italy. We are happy that this approach succeeded and look forward to performing the various tests. We foresee a possible spin off in the rest of Europe, since there isn’t a complete European standard. UNI 10772 could be the base of other national or international standards in the near future. We look forward to contributing our expertise throughout Europe.”

The recognized and well known magazine Traffic Technology International focuses also on this topic; in the May edition you can find an article about ANPR.

For more information you can contact us. You can read more about ANPR testing and apply for it by clicking this link. We will contact you for further details.

Alessandra Bendistinto

Alessandra Bendistinto

Business Development Manager NMi Italy, Worldwide

Master of Law, experience on legal metrology certifications and services for all kind of meters since 2006. ITS and smart mobility services developer.