NMi part of World Gas Conference in Washington

NMi will exhibit at WGC 2018 in Washington which will be held from 26 – 29 June. You will find our team of experts consisting of Henri Schouten, Wim Volmer, Erik van de Graaf and Annelies Michels in booth 861.

NMi is an international and independent lab for testing, certification, calibration and training in the field of metrology. Accurate results are crucial to any measurement; reliable results from Oil and Gas flow meters, industrial meters, flow computers, gas chromatographs, measurement systems and (emissions) analyzers are key. Our specialist knowledge and experience about the oil and gas market speed up market placement for manufacturers of i.e. gas meters.

The measurement uncertainty of your measuring installation is an important specification as far as your customers are concerned. We calculate the measurement uncertainty in design phase, providing clarity about the feasibility of achieving specifications. Our experts support in different phases of product development and compliance, helping you avoid expensive and time-consuming modifications later on.

NMi will exhibit at WGC and Mr. Wim Volmer will lecture on the legal metrology situation on CNG, Hydrogen and LNG in Europe

More information? Call us on +31 88 636 2332 or mail us at nmi@nmi.nl. You can also contact us in advance to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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