NMi goes paperless, provision of digital certificates

NMi provides its customers with digital certificates and test reports, next to the paper versions. We have experienced that the digital provision of these documents supports your time to market, but also has several important other advantages. Digital documents help us to save our environment, but also provide a better control on the authenticity of the documents. This made us decide to provide the documents in digital version only as from 1 January 2018.

We have observed that dubious NMi certificates and test reports circulate in the market. Authorities have to ensure that they are provided with authenticate documents in order to establish a national approval.

Authenticate documents

To avoid snail-mail, while keeping confidence in the authenticity of the digital document, NMi issues its documents with a digital signature. This signature is a digital seal on the document that prohibit making changes to the documents. Any change to the document will “break” the digital seal and will be displayed on the document. By this approach NMi can detect counterfeit documents and authorities can independently verify the authenticity of documents. This allows our customers to distribute the document freely by email while its authenticity remains valid. When the receiver opens the document in Acrobat Reader the encrypted document will be automatically verified by internet on authenticity. The validity is displayed in the header. More details can be verified in the signature window, like its latest validation by internet.

NMi strives for global acceptance and time to market of your product. This step towards digital authenticity validation is subject of this process. We will work further in the future in a digital window for our customers and keep them informed about further developments. Paper versions of the documents can be provided on request. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at certification@nmi.nl. You can download the product flyer for more information.


Cock Oosterman

Cock Oosterman

Head Certification Body, Netherlands

Over 30 years of international experience in fields of Quality, Metrology, Testing, Accreditation and Certification. Secretary of NoBoMet and Chairman of the management committee of the OIML Certification System.