NMi hosts China

September 2013 was an exciting month for NMi, because we had the honour of receiving several delegations from China. The NMi vision on legal metrology is always focused on achieving the best possible acceptance of measuring instrument test reports. As a result, we have a long history of professional, open, friendly contact with several Chinese organisations and stakeholders in the field of metrology.

In 1999, NMi was the first European notified body to sign an agreement with China’s highest government metrological body, AQSIQ (Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) addressing acceptance of each other’s test results based on OIML recommendations. This achievement created faster market access for European manufacturers focused on the Chinese market and, vice versa, Chinese manufacturers focused on the European market. With the implementation of the Measuring Instruments Directive in 2006, an even bigger, harmonised European market for measuring instruments was born.

Contact with several Chinese governmental bodies, regional and national testing laboratories and the Chinese Metrology Association has created a strong cooperative bond between the Chinese and Dutch legal metrology parties in the last 15 years. The latest highlight in this long cooperation was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between AQSIQ and NMi in May 2013, in the presence of Dutch Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Lilianne Ploumen and the Chinese Minister Zhi Shuping.

In continuation of the trade mission, several Chinese delegations have visited NMi this September. The main focus was be on cooperation in the field of (legal) metrology, acceptance of test results and an exchange of experience, expertise and ideas concerning testing and certification. Energy measurement, weighing instruments, gas and liquid flow measurement and EMC aspects of measuring instruments were also addressed.

NMi was very pleased to welcome the following delegations:

A delegation led by Mr. Song Wei, deputy director-general, Dept. of Metrology, AQSIQ, with delegates from:

– AQSIQ – National Institute of Metrology – Shandong Institute of Metrology – Tianjin Society for Measurement

A delegation led by Mr. Zhou Cheng, vice-president of SIMT, with delegates from:

– Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing

A delegation led by Mr. Peng Jingue, chief of China Metrology Association’s international department, with delegates from:

– Shandong Institute of Metrology
– Shanxi Province Bureau of Quality
– Chongqing Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection
– Jiangsu Institute of Metrology
– Suzhou Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology
– Ningbo Institute of Measurement and Testing
– Inner Mongolia Institute of Metrology Testing and Research
– Foshan Supervision Testing Center of Quality and Metrology

Cock Oosterman

Cock Oosterman

Head Certification Body, Netherlands

Over 30 years of international experience in fields of Quality, Metrology, Testing, Accreditation and Certification. Secretary of NoBoMet and Chairman of the management committee of the OIML Certification System.