NMi involved in ISWIM workshop at Intertraffic

NMI will be presenting during the Program workshop WIM for Enforcement 2018, on the subject Implementation of WIM-systems for direct weight enforcement. During this presentation we will present more insights into our developed International Weighing-in-motion Standard which can be used for high speed legal applications. Besides our standard we will talk about System Testing and Approval, the National Legal Framework and WIM Data Quality Control. During this workshop our Business Development Project Manager Mike van der Heijden will be present.

The workshop will be held 22 March, 13.30 – 17.30, room D407, Amsterdam RAI. Would you like to register for this interesting workshop? You can contact the organization by mail. Do you want to know more about the WIM standard? You can download the whitepaper by filling out the form below.

Personalized copy free of charge of NMi Standard

The NMi International WIM Standard is open to be used by all buyers and vendors of WIM systems. It may also be used by any National Metrology Institute or Bureau of Weights & Measures in any country as a basis for national legislation. Click here for further details and to request your personalized copy free of charge.