NMi launches WIM Standard at ICWIM conference Brasil

From 7 to 11 November 2016 manufacturers, end users, governmental institutions and experts on Weighing-in-Motion (WIM) gathered at ICWIM conference in Brasil. Cock Oosterman and Kees van Willenswaard of NMi were present to launch the brand new International NMi WIM Standard.

Cock Oosterman presented the new standard to an enthusiastic public. “Finally!” was one of the responses that was frequently heard. The different standards that have been used up to now, such as OIML R134, do not cover all types of systems and all applications, resulting in different implementations and requirements. This implied a wide range of testing requirements and thus extra costs for testing. In the past few years, both manufacturers and governmental institutions have expressed the need for a simple standard, covering all WIM systems and all implementations for enforcement. The new NMi International WIM Standard is the answer to this question, covering all applications and operational conditions.

Personalized copy free of charge

The NMi International WIM Standard is open to be used by all buyers and vendors of WIM systems. It may also be used by any National Metrology Institute or Bureau of Weights & Measures in any country as a basis for national legislation. Click here for further details and to request your personalized copy free of charge.

Cock Oosterman

Cock Oosterman

Head Certification Body, Netherlands

Over 30 years of international experience in fields of Quality, Metrology, Testing, Accreditation and Certification. Secretary of NoBoMet and Chairman of the management committee of the OIML Certification System.